'Noiz Ivy' = 'Vizion' backwards + 'y' for education (ie. Ivy League) & growth..

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to teach entrepreneurship and technology education in the local communities we serve.

Seeing backwards in time is the gift of the entrepreneur. Working iteratively to develop... test, fail, test, fail, test... our way to success, is the method of the engineer and software developer. Together, these methods can be learned and applied to create great outcomes.

This community implementation exists for use by NoizIvy.org Interns in building educational lessons covering multiple technical subjects for use by students in K-12 age ranges. The challenge we are presenting to our interns is to transform their knowledge and love of technology into information that is accessible by a wide audience. This is an ambitious challenge, requiring mastery of multiple skills, including communication of often complex subject matter.

As with any technical and entrepreneurial endeavor, success is not always achieved on the first pass. Regardless, the effort produces a reward in itself for our interns as they work to improve their own skills of communication and documenting their knowledge for outside review.