Never A Customer
Dev published on 2015-08-08T14:35:26Z

Never a customer of opportunity. Never a customer of work. Never a customer of citizenship. Never a customer of life. Never a customer.

Own yourself.

The time has come to build something new. It will increasingly become obvious to all of us that "systems thinking" can be both an asset and a liability in your personal life, and in your Society. The concept of "We" expressed via data influence, communication capability, and cultural segmentation is taking a leap of epic proportions. What is the nature of your participation?

This matters.

The customer mentality of participation frames modern economies. In fact, it frames the entire socio-economic design of Society, but it is so pervasive, and aimed at with such clarity by the public education system, that most never really challenge its structural meaning. The way you live your life, the way you earn income, the way you express your Rights (big and small ones), the way you empower legal entities like CORPORATIONS, the way you determine how five year old girls get educated... all of these, and infinitely more are determined by your mentality of participation.

Jobs, under contract law expressed via forms (W2/W4) are the baseline goal of Government in America. This is expressed via public education. Earning good grades, scoring well on standardized tests, getting a degree, working real hard under conditions of debt, and climbing a ladder that is constructed for you as a customer of work tasked with producing value for an entity of some legal formation type... this is the goal of education and the structure of default participation in current Society in America.

Despite this, entrepreneurs serve as the baseline requirement creating the opportunity for these jobs to exist. In the administration of personal ownership of opportunity, a shift is constructed that changes how human beings frame their participation in Society. At this inflection point, operational rules and expectations of procedure are constructed that influence every part of the world. Individuals who build complexity within this context are disproportionately empowered by the nature of their participation in all forward-moving acts. The chief gain is leverage over the construction of asset and liability contracts, in both formal and informal Terms.

Critically, our public education system does not service "entrepreneurial thinking" by default intent. It is a question that researchers in this area still ask; can entrepreneurial thinking be taught, or is it born within Individuals? Of growing importance, this lack of structural preparation by all Individuals as makers-in-training, is matched by the absence of "computational thinking" within our public education system until the late stages. The permissive ignorance that is Institutionally propagated has massive ramifications to people, and Society.

The data model of humanity is being exposed, and Individual people structured to participate as customers are a tremendous problem on many levels. Chief among them is the lack of equality in the management of assets and liabilities on this planet. Of growing importance is the confrontational nature between suppliers and receivers. As people, it is this sensitive hand shake in our daily interactions that determines how things work between and among us.

The internet is expressing what we are for all to see. Each of us, based on our structural participation and skills in managing our creative and administrative lives, is having a different experience with each other in our varied interactions. No one is just one thing. We express our lives as many things, and in relationship to many things. Every moment along the way, we increasingly emit data exhaust... and there is meaning and gold in them mountains!

Do you know what that means? Do you know how to participate as a powerful owner of your own participation? When you were born, what did you become... what was the first act of your participation in Society? How are you constructed... an asset or a liability? When you learn, and you produce outcomes with your efforts... how are you participating? Are you owning something, or are you something owned? As you progress in age, and the mountain of data you emit grows... what is the nature of your participation? Are you an owner or are you a customer of the opportunity to emit data, to produce and utilize data for and with others?

These questions matter. Not because I say so, but because others are taking action on them. Many have for many years already. Today was visible to many for a long time... it is an entrepreneurial insight to see backwards in time... and to participate in the creation of the future. It is also a process which can be engaged and learned by kids as early as... well, lets just propose that it is possible at the age when they stop wanting to eat the money, and see when it happens for everyone.

Why not?

Why not make entrepreneurial self-possession as an asset class the default structure of participation in Society? Why not aim public education at this goal? In all seriousness, getting an answer to this question is the personal mission of my life. I will not stop supporting and instigating progress towards the inflection point where Individual human beings choose to act as customers rather than owners.

A market is not optimal over a long time range when there are first class and second class participants. Equality is an administrative outcome in this regard. The baseline registration of identity is the control parameter defining the nature of participation by people in socio-economic Terms.

For this reason, the evaluation of your life starts by determining whether you are an asset or a liability by baseline construct. When you, as parents, give birth to a baby person, the first consideration must be towards the structural nature of participation of your child, as an asset or a liability. Self-possession is not merely a concept to be written elegantly on parchment and preserved within monuments, it is the baseline method of administration that we allow to exist and be propagated by our use as Individual people.

The very notion in America that we are each the Sovereign protectors of the Rights we bare witness of stands unique on planet Earth. Many have bled for this notion of a Society formed "of the people, by the people, and for the people". "We" are not customers of this outcome, we are the entrepreneurs and owners of every transaction that produces this outcome. When we work together, we do so as collaborative partners in the exchange, not as first and second class participants, but as self-possessed owners of our roles. "We" respect ourselves, and our structural Rights enforce mutual respect by default.

What is the alternative?

Look around you... the examples are everywhere. Our design has been corrupted.

Clue: you can not register within a system, and be the source of Sovereign empowerment. The origin of your self-representational force of nature and free will must be accounted for in the design of its administration, or its absence will pervert the design of the entire administrative system.

Clue: the development of artificial intelligence will first affect the administration of data related to people and the participatory structure of their activities on this planet. Data-enslavement is opt-in.

Clue: #SovereignSourceAuthority

Clue: #OYO

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